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Term describing people who live cross-gender with or without sex reassignment surgery(SRS) and it might be heterosexual,homosexual,bisexual,pansexual,polysexual,asexual, some may consider conventional sexual orientation labels inadequate or inapplicable to them. Transgenders may also identify as bigender and not imply any specific form of sexual orientation. You know the routine.. in here you will behave, act decent and being nice, you will find people like you or the ones you need. I've decided to make a better place for chat, reading news about transgender-transsexuals, I hope you will enjoy it as a whole. If you've never been transgender, how could you possibly know what if feels like? If you've never been discriminated against, because you're different than other people, then how can you understand what we're going through?

Transsexual people are under hormonal replacement therapy{HRT), being total different than the rest of the categories under transgender term umbrella. Crossing from one hormonal system to another will make dramatical changes to the body and personal feelings. Transgendered as a whole and more special transsexuals are often sensitive and share a good understanding of life values.

The concept of Trans-Gender and Trans-Sexual comes from a category of individual behaviours with link to hormonal imbalance in both male and female in native or adobted trough medication cases. The biggest mistake would be to consider transgendered people abnormal, as long normality it's an abstract term.

The desire to live in a role of opposite gender comes from variable sources and disorders in some cases addictions to a such a living way, more or less beliefs as being truly "in a wrong body" which doesn't fit well with the desired life level. There are few options available : some cases can follow specific doctor guide and prescription to inhibited the production of undesired hormones with the hope to reduce the "wrong or bad" effects on all the unbalanced levels or to undergo Sex Reasigment Surgeries to get closer to the desired oposite gender benefits and role.. Being transgender it isn't easy and very often living in danger as long most of the peaople are not well educated regarding this matter. We didn't just wake up one morning and suddenly decide to live a different life as in oposite gender role. It is the compatibility between the hormones the mind and the body. It's about who you are inside-out, and nothing more. The transition from one gender to another imply a higher cost for transgenders seeking the total transformation and it takes couple of years and assistance from friends, family (if it's the case) and not at last, the doctor for blood and hormonal level check up and, the legal prescription for estrogen pills or injection in male to female cases and androgen in different forms for female to male transgender transsexuals. The acceptance from others will come in time as the transition have progress, as long people were educated about only 2 types of gender and associated image of how they should dress and look each one of them, males in trousers and short hair / females in long or short skirts,long hair and make up on. In time this image for women changed as they can wear almost anything being accepted easily. A relation between two women it is not seen in general too odd but a relation between two males it is just ridiculous to most of the people, being not so accepted as normality and that it's totally odd behavior. Transgenders have the same rights like anyone else as long they hurt no one but they get hurt from almost everyone, it's just not fair.

Female to Male ( FTM ) post op TG.

Male to Female ( MTF ) post op TG.


Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—Adults who want sex-change surgery or hormone therapy in Argentina will be able to get it as part of their public or private health care plans under a gender rights law approved Wednesday. The measure also gives people the right to specify how their gender is listed at the civil registry when their physical characteristics don't match how they see themselves. Senators approved the Gender Identity law by a vote of 55-0, with one abstention and more than a dozen senators declaring themselves absent—the same margin that approved a "death with dignity" law earlier in the day. President Cristina Fernandez threw her support behind the law and is expected to sign it. She has often said how proud she is that Argentina became Latin America's first nation to legalize gay marriage two years ago, enabling thousands of same-sex couples to wed and enjoy the same legal rights as married heterosexual couples. For many, gender rights were the next step.

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By Associated Press, Thursday, May 10, 3:31 AM

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Beautiful Male to Female Post Op Transsexual


Documents and Disasters: Can Proper ID Save the Lives of Transgender People in Emergencies?

Last summer when Bhumika Shrestha travelled to New York City to represent Nepal at the United Nations, she encountered some special questions during her layover in Doha. Shrestha, who is transgender -- or, in Nepal, third-gender -- presents as an elegant young woman. Her passport and citizenship ID card, however, both list her as a man named Kailash. In Qatar, airline officials pulled her aside and questioned her about her passport and her appearance but eventually let her go. The experience was unpleasant for Shrestha but not unsafe. In the worst-case scenario, the documentation discrepancy would have sent her home on the next flight to Kathmandu. "They asked me questions, and I was scared to fail on my first trip to the U.S.," she recalls, "but then they believed my story that I was transgender and let me get on the plane."

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Male to Female Post Op Transsexual

More employers are electing to cover gender reassignment surgery

Health benefits to include gender reassignment surgery increases among nation's top corporations.

The number of U.S. companies choosing to cover the cost of gender reassignment surgery has nearly doubled from 2009, New York Daily News is reporting. The Human Rights Campaign reported Thursday that 207 of the 636 surveyed businesses provide or will start providing transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits. The increase in transgender benefits is well-received by candidates looking to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Last year, 85 companies elected to cover gender reassignment surgery as a part of its benefit package. In 2009, only 49 employers elected to do so. Nearly a decade ago, gender reassignment surgery was an uncovered expense altogether. “We really wanted to set a best-in-class standard for what it meant to provide the holistic class of LGBT inclusion in the workplace,” HRC spokesman Fred Sainz said. The most LGBT-friendly corporations according to HRC include Apple, American Airlines, Kellogg, Chevron, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Raytheon, Whirlpool and Levi Strauss. Among the corporations that expanded their insurance coverage this year are Apple, Chevron, General Mills, Dow Chemical, American Airlines, Kellogg, Sprint, Levi Strauss, Eli Lilly, Best Buy, Nordstrom, the U.S. division of Volkswagen, Whirlpool, Xerox, Raytheon and Office Depot.


Consult Your Doctor For HRT!

Female Sexual Organ Anatomy


Strange Twist In Hollywood Murder

For many, California dreaming begins -- and often ends -- in Los Angeles. It's sandy shores and bright lights were a place where 24-year-old Paulina Ibarra felt she was free to be herself and start life fresh when she moved there a few years ago. On Aug. 28, 2009, Paulina’s happiness ended in a scene right out of a horror movie. LAPD detectives say neighbors heard a woman’s gut-wrenching screams coming out of Paulina’s apartment. When they went inside, nearly every wall and piece of furniture was drenched in blood. Paulina Ibarra had been stabbed more than a dozen times, which begged the question to cops: Who would kill Paulina Ibarra, and why? Police were stumped by the mystery, so they were quick to turn to her past and her inner circle of friends for clues.

On the night of the murder, cops believed Paulina could've been the victim of a hate crime.


The Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance for me is not only a day to remember those who have passed on but to give thanks for the life you currently have as well. Many of us Transgender individuals have fallen victims to discrimination and violence. But we who are still here need to continue fighting for our rights and continue reminding society of those who we have lost due to ignorance. It is sad that in this day and age we still have to hear reports like in the recent murder of Duanna Johnson from Memphis, Tennessee, who could not even be protected by the very police that repeatedly punched her in the face while she sat in the precinct for which she was suing the police department. Every year we continue to hear horrific and saddening reports that continue to affect us. We must end this discrimination. We must continue to strive on and stay strong. It will change for all of us one day, we just need to be able to give thanks for the life you have been given no matter where it is you are at, know our passed ones have also created opportunities for change just in their own passing. Remember our passed but celebrate your life; you only get one. I wrote this poem in the beginning of my transition to empower me and make me feel positive about who I am and the experiences I have been through. I pass it on to you in hopes that the words can make you feel as strong as I felt when I first wrote them.

©1999 Elizabeth Marie Rivera

Obama says U.S. to stand up for LGBT rights abroad

By Laura MacInnis, Reuters December 6, 2011

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama told U.S. diplomats and foreign aid workers on Tuesday to do more to advance gay rights abroad, a move that promotes U.S. human rights policy and appeals to a key Democratic constituency at home. In a memo released the same day as pop singer and gay rights advocate Lady Gaga visited the White House, Obama said he was deeply concerned about violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people worldwide and called for efforts to prevent and respond faster to abuses. But Obama's message offered nothing new to activists campaigning for same-sex marriage in the United States, a sensitive political issue.

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Yollada “Nok” Suanyot Becomes First Trans Woman Politician in Thailand

Yollada “Nok” Suanyot has just become the highest ranking openly trans-gender female politician in Thailand, winning in the province of Nan, after elections at the end of May. Yollada ran against two cis gendered males, and won. The Transadvocate quoted her during her campaign, saying, “I’m confident that my experience and ability will be useful in the development of Nan,” she said. “I want to represent the trans women and all groups of homosexuals across the country in parliament and press the government to pay more interest to women and trans women. It is also important to note that Yollada was successful without a political party’s support. She ran as an independent candidate surpassing the ruling party’s candidate. She said : “Good laws protecting transexuals have yet to come. We’re still on the fringe. Look at me. My role in society is that of a woman. But the law recognizes me as a man. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Perhaps we now have greater acceptance in society. But not when it comes to legal rights… so, if we’re jailed, we’re put in prison with the men. We can’t get proper health insurance. We can’t get married. We have problems travelling outside the country and trouble dealing with banks and government offices.” According to Trans Griot, among her other accomplishments, “she is currently the president of the TransFemale Association of Thailand, she runs a satellite television station, has a PhD in Social Science, was once a member of an all-trans Thai pop group called Venus Flytrap, owns a jewelry business, and has been a strong advocate for TBLG rights.” The basis of her campaign focused on resolving flooding problems, as well as proposing a hotline for young people focused on youth services, among other issues.

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Male to Female Post Op Transsexual

anon445717907 8:27 AM on 12/7/2011 This is a good cause. Their LGBT rights could stand some improvement on their home turf, but it's a good cause nonetheless.but "In Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington had committed more than $3 million to start a global equality fund to support the work of civil society groups working on gay rights issues. She also stressed it was important for countries worldwide to see gay rights as human rights and said "it should never be a crime to be gay." Kind of indicates she doesn't know the difference between the GLB and the T acronyms. Being trans isn't the same thing as being gay. Some trans people are gay, but not all of them.

Vaccant Jobs For Skilled Transgenders

Job openings at GATE 21122012 GATE currently has two job offers: - Researcher (project based contract) - Asistente con responsabilidades ejecutivas / Executive Assistant (Buenos Aires office) GATE is looking for a Researcher Project based, location: worldwide (work from home) Duration: several weeks over the period of about 4 months (January – April 2013) Start date: immediately Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) is an international trans* organization. Our goals are to support trans* activism worldwide, produce and make available critical knowledge on trans* issues, and promote trans* people’s human rights. GATE has three offices, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), New York City (USA) and Bangkok (Thailand). At this moment, GATE work is focused on three main projects: expanding trans* access to funding, participating in the reform of the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases and supporting trans* activism around HIV/AIDS issues. With this position GATE aims to carry out research into the funding situation for trans* groups and organizations around the world. Key areas for research will be the current financial and organizational capacity of trans* groups and organizations in all continents. Key responsibilities: Review and develop research survey Disseminate online survey and conduct follow-up interviews in regions with weak response Analyze data Co-author a report on the basis of the findings Qualifications: Must have research background and experience, with knowledge of quantitative methods; experience in non-profit business analysis methods a pre Experience in working with not-for-profits in different countries, and preferably in both Global North and Global South/East settings Fluent English a must, additional languages (especially French, Russian or Spanish) a pre Knowledge of and sensitivity to trans* issues This is a temporary position, on the basis of a freelance-type contract. You must be legally able to work and offer contract services in your location of residence; you will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes. Please send a cover letter, CV/résumé, a writing sample or list of publications and salary requirements to jobs@transactivists.org (mention Researcher in the subject line) by January 7, 2012. No phone calls, please. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.



Numerous studies have shown that transgender people face disproportionate amounts of discrimination in all areas of life, especially in employment and health care.


Understanding the Third Sex and Issues Related with Transgender

Male to Female Post Op Transsexual

Post Op Tg Male to Female

Transgender are not uncommon in our societies throughout the world. However, often they fail to attain a respectable and much deserved comfortable life in the world of the two predominant sexes of the society. Transgender people are present in every country including US, Russia, Mexico, Britain, India, China etc. Yet, societies often discard them as unwanted. In some countries, transgender are allowed to be a part of the society, however, they find it difficult to mix up within the society freely and often they suffer humiliation, discrimination and poverty. The major issue that a transgender faces is the difficulty in expressing their gender and the related issues. However, in some countries, like India, transgender are provided a special societal position, they often live in groups and there are some successful transgender in professional and political mainstreams of India. Yet, except a few successful transgender, the majority of people belonging to this third sex suffer discrimination, humiliation and hatred. How to Deal with a Transgender? A man or woman may find it difficult and confusing to mingle with a transgender. The basic problem that you will face is the uncertainty about how to act in the presence of a transgender without doing anything that may hurt their feeling or emotions or may cause them to feel humiliated. In general, people do not want to hurt them, yet, our general confusion, awkwardness and uncertainty becomes a reason for their humiliation. The Issue of the Gender of a Transgender Officially, only male and female are considered as the two present sexes. Hence, a transgender find it difficult to try to seek proper education, job or official help. This is because most of the official papers demand gender identity while transgender is not an officially recognized gender while the only two gender identities mentioned in official papers are male or female. In such a situation, a transgender find if forced on them to lie about their gender identity and to present themselves either as a male or a female. It would be better if government organizations and in fact private corporate firms also try to solve out this issue by either providing valid identification for the third gender as transgender, or by making it optional to declare the sex identity of a person. This issue is pretty similar to the issue of allowing free choice of either to mention someone’s sexual behaviour or not to mention it. Just like a bisexual or homosexual person finds it difficult to announce his or her personal sexual orientation, a transgender also may find it humiliating to announce about their gender. If you come in contact with a transgender, you should try not to show your confusion about how to react in such a situation. Use appropriate language while conversing with a transgender and try not to make an issue of “by what gender should they be recognized?” Transgender people are cool and friendly and often they love to converse with males and females without any hesitation while trying to answer all possible queries or curiosities a person may feel about them. However, while asking questions and trying to know more about them, you need to be respectful and patient while giving them enough space and proper time to answer your queries appropriately. Just like a male or female, transgender are human beings and they deserves every individual right along with proper respect and humanly love


Feminine Spirit

My Feminine Spirit There is a young woman inside of me Lost in a labyrinth within my heart A butterfly trying to break free from her cocoon Trying to spread her wings and fly Longing for acceptance and love A soul alone trapped in the dark Many have laughed and criticized her Others have watched in silence As this young woman holds her head up high With courage she absorbs the cruel remarks On the outside you may see a man But on the inside she is a lady; a princess Beautiful and sweet though she may be Many tears have fallen from her eyes But still she chooses to hold on Knowing she will be real one day As for her truelove Her Knight in shining armor He is out there; somewhere Waiting for her to find her way Like a bud blossoming into a rose She blossomed from a man into a woman This feminine spirit I have inside A shadow of shame falls onto to her face As she makes her way through the maze She prays, prays to Him In hopes that He will hear her Forgive me father All is forgiven Becoming a Martyr for all to see Fighting to survive and living to be For no man or woman Shall defeat the feminine spirit inside of me

©1999 Elizabeth Marie Rivera

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